When was the last time someone really had your back? I mean really had it.

You know the kind of person who knows where you are going, how you’re going to get there and wants to be there clapping at the finish line for you!!!!

Too often these people are not in our lives.

  • People are too busy caring about their own back yard to pay enough attention to yours.
  • People are just tooooo busy full stop.
  • People are ‘dream stealers’ and secretly don’t want you to succeed.
  • People are just not sure how to act around someone that wants more from life.
  • People are scared that if you do well, you’ll leave them behind
  • Some people just don’t get wanting to achieve.

I know that my life didn’t take the roads I wanted when I didn’t have the right people surrounding me. It’s not that they were ‘wrong’, it’s just they were on a different path. It was when I made a conscious effort to hang around people that would be happy to wave me off at the airport as I went on to some great success, that I truly started seeing more achievement in my life.

Remember you have to be just as supportive and excited for other people’s success, as you are your own. That’s the only way it works – it’s called having an Abundance Mindset.

You see I want everyone to have every single little (and big) thing they want in life. Is it easy? No. Is there a quick fix? No. Can it be done? YES!!!!

That’s when I came up with My Goal Friend. I’m like your little power buddy.

So how does it work?

Bottom line is we work together, you get stuff done and you achieve more than you ever could alone.……OK, I’ll explain a bit more.

  • FREE 1 on 1 The Passion Test consultation. Finding your Top 5 Passions is key to setting the best goals.
  • 1 x 20min weekly Skype date to clap your wins, discuss your misses and make sure you are on track to achieve your goals.
  • 1 x email every week to give more details and feedback on your goals.
  • Instant access to my 52 Tips To Go For Goal’d.
  • First access to all of The Entrepreneurial Diva programs.
  • Special awards to goal getters.
  • Weekly inspirational emails.
  • Access to a Facebook Community of Goal Friends.

It’s like having an accountability buddy on speed dial. We all know how much more efficiently we work when we are accountable to someone.
So, how much is dating My Goal Friend? Less than a coffee a day my friend!!!

It’s $97 a month

(payable monthly and you can leave at any time).

Because I walk my talk and live a Smart Not Hard life I am only able to have 10 people in the My Goal Friend schedule at any one time. If you miss out, you will be added to a waiting list and contacted as soon as a spot becomes available.

Have a great day and Go For Goal’d

Samantha Leith, The Entrepreneurial Diva